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8th May, 2013 — VE Day … !

By Nik_Nak12  |  Posted: May 08, 2013

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It's VE Day: let's get digging for Victory, shall we … ?
Q1) Today is VE Day: marking the partial ending of World War Two.   What does VE stand for … ?
Q2) More to the point, in which year was the end of World War Two … ?
Q3) Technically, VE Day marks the day which hostile country surrendered … ?
Q4) On which date had that country's forces in Italy surrendered … ?
Q5) Who was that country's leader, at the time of its surrender … ?
Q6) Who was British PM, on VE Day … ?
Q7) More to the point, VE Day, 1945, was the US President's 61st birthday.   Who was US president … ?
Q8) On which day do the former Soviet Union influenced countries celebrate VE Day … ?
Q9) Which noted Jazz trumpeter and radio presenter was playing trumpet in Trafalgar Square, on VE Day … ?
Q10) And finally … what were the only parts of the UK to be occupied during World War 2?

And here's last week's questions and answers … 

Q1) 1st May is May Day, obviously.   Under what name did the Ancient Celts celebrate May Day … ?
Q2) Which Scottish city holds a Fire Festival, named for that Celtic celebration: Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness … ?
Q3) What sort of folk dancing is traditionally performed on May Day … ?
Q4) In many parts of the world, it's traditional to dance around a what, on May Day … ?
Q5) In which US state is May Day celebrated as Lei Day … ?
Q6) The final of which sport's World Championship is usually held on the May Day Bank Holiday … ?
Q7) In which University city is it traditional to jump off Magdalen Bridge, on May Day … ?
Q8) May Day is ALSO International Workers Day, commemorating the Haymarket Affair: in which US city was the Haymarket Affair … ?
Q9) The USSR famously held a huge military parade on May Day, in Red Square.   In which Russian city is that square … ?
Q10) And finally … On which Caribbean island is May Day known as 'El día del Trabajo' … ?
A1) Beltane.
A2) Edinburgh.
A3) Morris dancing.
A4) A Maypole.
A5) Hawaii.
A6) Snooker's.   (The game's statistical biggest winner is still Joe Davis.)
A7) Oxford.
A8) Chicago.   (It's also known as the Haymarket Riots: which were triggered by bad police handling of US union support of an eight hour working day.)
A9) Moscow.
A10) Cuba.

Of course, those who are after a more frequent challenge can head for my blog — Nik Nak's Old Peculiar — and give the Daily Teaser a try.

Pub quiz masters and anyone needing quiz sets in a hurry can ALSO pay me a visit: I hand out free question sets, every Friday.   You're welcome to use them: all I ask in return is an authors credit.

Enjoy your week, folks.

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