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Election 2013: FINAL RESULTS

By NevWilson  |  Posted: May 03, 2013

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Margaret Fisher Liberal Democrat 1273

Peter Lynn Green Party 467

Saimon Rashid Conservative 395

Harry Royle UK Independence Party 786

Tyron Wilson Labour 519

Basildon Westley Heights

Kerry Smith Independence Party 1347

Martin Wargent Green Party 66

Geoff Williams Liberal Democrat 1067

David Burton-Sampson Labour 943

John Schofield Conservative 1208

Braintree Eastern

James Fleet Liberal Democrat 180

John Key British National Party 43

John Malam Green Party 233

Patricia Newton Conservative 1605

Phil Palij UK Independence Party 1098

Moia Thorogood Labour 790

Braintree Town

Graham Butland Conservative 1152

Rod Challis UK Independence Party 953

Bill Edwards Labour 1121

Hayden Hooper Liberal Democrat 126

Timothy Reeve Green Party 159

Brentwood Hutton

David Andrews Green Party 152

Roger Hirst Conservative 2053

Mike Le-Surf Labour 437

John Newberry Liberal Democrat 353

David Watt UK Independence Party 1280

Brentwood North

Barry Aspinell Liberal Democrat 1842

Simon Attwood Green Party 116

Chris Hossack Conservative 1169

Michael McGough UK Independence Party 863

Yvonne Waterhouse Labour 266

Brentwood Rural

Lisa Barrett Liberal Democrat 461

Howard Bills Green Party 126

Yvonne Maguire UK Independence Party 1425

Julie Morrissey Labour 304

Ann Naylor Conservative 1847

Brentwood South

Mark Allen UK Independence Party 768

Gareth Barrett Labour 534

Stephanie Bills Green Party 106

David Kendall Liberal Democrat 1626

Keith Parker Conservative 1117

Oliver Tilbrook English Democrats 31


Terry Allen Tendring First 102

Maria Iacovou Green Party 165

Roger Lord UK Independence Party 1429

Lynda McWilliams Conservative 1156

Colin Olivier Labour 585

Gary Scott Liberal Democrat

Broomfield and Writtle

Graham Pooley Liberal Democrat 570

John Aldridge Conservative 1985

Claire Breed English Democrats 51

Philip Gaudin Labour 387

Reza Hossain Green Party 154

Ian Nicholls UK Independence Party 1346

Canvey Island East

Owen Bartholomew Liberal Democrat 24

Dave Blackwell Canvey Island Ind Party 1766

David Cross Conservative 619

John Morgan British National Party 79

Matthew Reilly Labour and Co-Operative 356

Brian Wood UK Independence Party 1145

Canvey Island West

Esther Akinnuwa Labour and Co-Operative 278

Ray Howard Conservative 1310

Peter May Canvey Island Ind Party 1011

Stephen Smith British National Party 59

Paul Westlake Liberal Democrat 26

Anne Wood UK Independence Party 850


Martin Ashby Liberal Democrat 428

Raymond Barry Labour 466

Colin Budgey Green Party 206

Thomas Jones UK Independence Party 1029

John Spence Conservative 2044

Chelmsford Central

David Jones Liberal Democrat 895

Tony Lane Green Party 175

Dick Madden Conservative 1233

Edward Massey Labour 431

John Theedom UK Independence Party 711

Chelmsford North

Irene Ferguson Labour 596

Robert Pontin Conservative 882

Leslie Retford UK Independence Party 862

Stephen Robinson Liberal Democrat 1501

Angela Thomson Green Party 170

Chelmsford West

Jude Deakin -Liberal Democrat 1078

Bill Horslen Labour 642

Avril Howe Green Party 124

Eric Johnston UK Independence Party 956

Graham Seeley Conservative 975

Clacton East

Eleanor Gordon Green Party 70

Peter Halliday Conservative 1194

Norman Jacobs Labour 477

Pierre Oxley Tendring First 1528

Sandy White UK Independence Party 1106

Brian Whitson Liberal Democrat 77

Clacton North

Sam Atkinson Labour 790

James Horsler Green Party 75

Anne Poonian UK Independence Party 789

Harry Shearing Liberal Democrat 191

Mark Stephenson Tendring First 369

Andy Wood - Winner Conservative 929

Clacton West

Chris Cotter UK Independence Party 1031

Paul Honeywood Conservative 1251

Linda Jacobs Labour 671

Christopher Keston Tendring First 158

Clare Palmer Green Party 83

Ann Whitson Liberal Democrat 85


Roger Bamforth Green Party 387

Anne Brown Conservative 2075

Carolyn Catney Liberal Democrat 303

Mark Cole UK Independence Party 1471

John Spademan Labour 504


Nick Cope Liberal Democrat 1

Mike Dale Labour 527

Steve Ford Green Party 314

Sue Lissimore Conservative 1957

John Pitts

Frinton & Walton

Simon Ashley UK Independence Party 1588

Jo Hayes Liberal Democrat 81

Iris Johnson Tendring First 1085

Rose Lawes Labour 620

Howard Mettler Green Party 84

Michael Page Conservative 2095

Great Baddow

Jenny Chandler Conservative 1440

Jeanette Howes UK Independence Party 1368

Richard Hyland Labour 472

Darryl Newport Green Party 152

Chris Rycroft Liberal Democrat 1191


Elena Black Liberal Democrat 130

Douglas Copping Green Party 250

Michael Dixon UK Independence Party 1389

Joe Reeder Labour and Co-Operative 518

Jillian Reeves Conservative 1846


Bernard Dearlove Liberal Democrat 164

Malcolm Fincken Labour 891

Michael Ford UK Independence Party 1144

Stephen Hicks Green Party 198

Paul Hooks British National Party 44

Joe Pike - Conservative 1597


Simon Banks Liberal Democrat 135

John Brown UK Independence Party 1138

Ricky Callender Conservative 892

Ivan Henderson Labour 1722

Steven Henderson Community Representatives 204

Jack Robertson Tendring First 23

Robbie Spence Green Party 70


Steve Bolter Liberal Democrat 361

Frank Ferguson UK Independence Party 1096

David Finch Conservative 2190

Tina Gentry British National Party 44

Stephen Knight Labour 579

Joyce Wells Green Party 225

Heybridge and Tollesbury

Beverley Acevedo UK Independence Party 1202

Rodney Bass Conservative 2300

Robert Graves Green Party 417

Richard Perry British National Party 230

Stevan Slodzik Labour 822

Laindon Park and Fryerns

William Archibald National Front 171

John Dornan Conservative 958

Francis Barnes-Challinor Liberal Democrat 215

Mark Ellis - Winner UKIP 2175

Anne Fryatt Labour 1980

Cheryl Gerrard Green Party 138

Dawn Holmes Green Party 116

Arnold Lutton Liberal Democrat 187

David Murray Trade Union. and Soc Coalition 73

Pat Rackley Independent 119

Terri Sargent Conservative 784

David Sheppard UK Independence Party 1684


Mark Burmby British National Party 87

Janet Carden Green Party 470

Penny Channer Conservative 1994

Madeline Diamond Labour 574

Geoffrey Dickman UK Independence Party 1052


Lyn Barton Liberal Democrat 933

Mike Hardy Conservative 475

Dave Harris Labour 1665

Pam Nelson Green Party 143

Raymond Tuttlebee UK Independence Party 573

Mersea and Tiptree

Rebecca Age UK Independence Party 1134

Sue Bailey Green Party 216

Gill Collings Liberal Democrat 181

John Jowers Conservative 1913

AudreySpencer Labour 529

Mile End and Highwoods

Mary Bryan Green Party 180

Jennie Fisher Labour 408

Benjamin Locker Conservative 888

Bill Rowley UK Independence Party 725

Anne Turrell Liberal Democrat 1417

Ongar and Rural

Maggie McKewen Conservative 1475

Ronald Till UK Independence Party 738

Peter Gode Labour 271

Brian Lawrence Surtees Liberal Democrat 185

Jem Barnecutt Green Party 132

Robin Tilbrook English Democrats 93

Parsons Heath

Bob Fisher Labour 489

Theresa Higgins -Liberal Democrat 1259

Ron Levy UK Independence Party 890

Charles McKay Conservative 609

Pat Rogers Green Party 192


Andrew Ager UKIP 2055

Keith Bobbin Labour 2488

Freddie Gerrard-Abbott Green Party 205

Freddie Gerrard-Abbott Green Party 133

Sandra Hillier Conservative 1257

Terry McBride UKIP 1925

Melissa McGeorge Labour 2181

Andrew Schrader Conservative 1103

Ben Williams Liberal Democrat 167

Linda Williams Liberal Democrat 145

Rayleigh North

Chris Black Liberal Democrat 1037

David Dennis Bodimeade Labour 258

Janet Lilian Davies UK Independence Party 830

John Hayter English Democrats 660

Malcom Maddocks Conservative 1332

Rayleigh South

John Christopher Flack Conservative 1194

Keith Anthony Gibbs UK Independence Party 1379

Cameron Scott Labour 331

Pam Waldie Liberal Democrat 563

Rochford North

Gerry Bolton UK Independence Party 1236

Terry Cutmore - Conservative 1470

Allan Robert Davies Labour 446

Deborah Taylor Liberal Democrat 296

Rochford South

Jerry Gibson Labour 1005

Angela Marguerite Robinson Lib Dem 89

Colin George Seagers - Conservative 1085

Peter James Van De Vyver UK IP 804

Rochford West

Rachael Broomfield Labour 344

Ian Gale Liberal Democrat 74

Michael Hoy Green Party 1615

Cherry Young UK Independence Party 878

Keith Henry Hudson Conservative 1279

Saffron Walden

John Stuart Lodge Independent 2079

Robert Pursey Chambers Conservative 2031

Barry Tyler UK Independence Party 609

Richard Ford Freeman Liberal Democrat 607

Jane Berney Labour 491

Trilby Fiona Roberts Green 244

South Benfleet

Alan Bayley UK Independence Party 1723

Terry Cooper Liberal Democrat 86

Philip Howell British National Party 35

Colin Riley Conservative 1481

Brian Wilson Labour and Co-Operative 787

South Woodham Ferrers

Derek Barnett Labour 289

Cliff Hammans UK Independence Party 560

Norman Hume Conservative 893

Robert King Green Party 51

Ian Roberts Ind 757 Noel Sutcliffe Liberal Democrat 94


Bob Boyce Conservative 1844

Tim Drain UK Independence Party 1805

Jonathan King Green Party 276

Leslie McDonald Labour 643

Nathan Stone British National Party 68


Mike Mackrory Liberal Democrat 1767

David Howell Labour 519

Jeremy Jacobs Green Party 239

Jean Murray Conservative 1463

Nicholas Tidman UK Independence Party 991

Stanway and Pyefleet

Kevin Bentley Conservative 1723

Imelda Clancy UK Independence Party 929

Walter Schwarz Green Party 247

Jessica Scott-Boutell Liberal Democrat 828

Robert Spademan Labour 491


Maurice Austin Labour 355

Rachel Brunton Green Party 171

Ian Grundy - Winner Conservative 2067

Matt Klesel Liberal Democrat 177

Jesse Pryke UK Independence Party 1505

Tendring Rural East

Dennis Cook Liberal Democrat 100

Mark Cossens Tendring First 654

Andrew Erskine UK Independence Party 1552

Mark Morley-Souter Labour 681

Michael Skeels Conservative 1278

Chris Southall Green Party 176

Tendring Rural West

Dennis Carr UK Independence Party 1141

Jim Clifton Independent 128

Duncan Gordon Green Party 343

Carlo Guglielmi Conservative 1515

David Oxley Tendring First 147

Rosemary Smith Liberal Democrat 72

Three Fields with Great Notley

Susan Hoye UK Independence Party 950

Derek Ray Liberal Democrat 149

Roger Walters - Winner Conservative 1613

Juliet Walton Labour 462

Robert Wright Green Party 207


Joe Cooke Labour and Co-Operative 635

Bill Dick Conservative 1148

Dominic Graham Liberal Democrat 50

Jamie Huntman UK Independence Party 1389

Paul Maylin British National Party 41

Geoff Robinson Independent 185

Wickford Crouch

Malcolm Buckley Conservative 2881

Andrew Buxton Labour 765

Paul Downes UK Independence Party 2121

Albert Ede Labour 790

Poppy Gerrard-Abbott Green Party 191

Nigel De Lecq Le Gresley UK Independence Party 2396

Philip Jenkins Liberal Democrat 17

Don Morris Conservative 2074

Steve Nice Liberal Democrat 137

Iris Pummell Independent 966

Karin Riedl Green Party 167

Witham Northern

Peter Stone British National Party 38

James Abbott Green Party 1209

Phil Barlow Labour 944

David Hodges UK Independence Party 1148

Michael Lager Conservative 1120

David Toombs Liberal Democrat 126

Witham Southern

Celia Burne Labour 932

Barry Fleet Liberal Democrat 227

Philip Hughes Green Party 244

Derrick Louis - Conservative 1490

Leonard Perry British National Party 54

Christopher Warner UK Independence Party 995

Wivenhoe St Andrew

Shaun Boughton Liberal Democrat 383

Timothy Glover Green Party 248

Mo Metcalf-Fisher Conservative 562

Graham Tricker UK Independence Party 599

Julie Young - Winner Labour 1895

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  • CaptainCab  |  May 03 2013, 7:21PM

    This is the beginning of the end for the ConDems and the rise of UKIP. Next years the Tories will be wiped out at the Euro elections, and in 2015 the Tories and their Lib Dem lackies are set to return to the Opposition. The truth is UKIP is the true Conservative Party, in that it is right wing and acts to protect the British people, in particular from Brussels. The Tories have sold out to Europe. They allow millions of pounds of our money to be squandered by corrupt Eurocrats. They have also, like Labour, allowed thousands of eastern Europeans in, placing a massive drain on public health, schooling and housing resources, as well as taking jobs. The ConDems are also guilty of wrecking the economy, creating mass unemployment, and deliberately penalising low and middle income earners, whilst giving tax breaks to a rich minority. Only a millionaire would now vote Tory. The ConDems have been bad news per se, and voters, rightly, are not backing a Labour Party, with a caretaker leader, and which failed the country for 13 years between 1997 and 2010. UKIP - the only viable alternative.

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