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Fish and chips voted "most British dish" for Jubilee street party lunch

By This is Essex  |  Posted: June 01, 2012

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The results of our www.localpeople.co.uk poll are in - showing that half of us still consider fish and chips to be the quintissential British dish, while a quarter of us will be toasting the Diamond Jubilee this weekend with a cup of tea.

The findings came from polling over 3,500 locals across our 169 localpeople sites.

The aim was to build up a picture of how people will be celebrating Her Majesty's 60th year on the throne across the country.

Lee Williams, General Manager localpeople.co.uk says, “Whilst everything about how the nation is marking the Jubilee weekend with fish and chips and a brew appears traditional, we are expecting Jubilee celebrations to be catalogued with images and video like no other moment in British history.

"Our community publishers are anticipating thousands of uploads with pictures of fish and chips and a cup of tea to be popular, creating an online memory bank that will capture this historic moment for years to come.”

Fish and Chips

If locals who took part in the poll speak for the nation, as many as 36 million portions of fish and chips could be served up over teh weekend.

With Prince Charles recently championing a campaign to keep fish and chips on the menu promoting responsible fishing methods, our choice of Jubilee lunch provides the perfect opportunity to put our sustainable credentials to the test and try a different fried fillet, or two!

Renowned chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says “What a great way to celebrate the Jubilee but just because it's fish and chips it doesn't always have to be cod.

"Look out for more sustainable alternatives such as pollock and plaice, and Mcs certified haddock.

"Look out too for chip shops who are serving hot mackerel baps. They're delicious! For more ideas and information, visit www.fishfight.net

Gregg Howard, President of the National Association of Fish Fryers says, “What better way to celebrate HM Queen’s Diamond Jubilee than by eating delicious and nutritious fish and chips.

The nation’s favourite and healthiest takeaway, Great British Fish and chips, put the great back into Great Britain second only to the Royal family.”

Tim Glover, Managing Director of www.fish2fork.com and supporter of the www.fishfight.net campaign says: “To ensure fish and chips remain on the menu for the next Jubilee and beyond, this weekend choose a fish that has been sourced sustainably at your street party.

"Why not mix things up with hake, gurnard or pollock?”

Cup of Tea

England is known internationally as a ‘teapot nation’ and we're expecting to sip over 115,000 cups of tea per minute in toasting the Jubilee.

Bill Gorman, Chairman of the UK Tea Council says “With tea the largest consumed beverage by Brits each day, we are expecting 115,000 cups of tea to be sipped per minute over the Jubilee weekend.

"With each of us drinking over 2kg of tea per year, Brits now drink four times as much tea per capita than India or China contributing to 40% of our daily fluid intake.”

Bethan Thomas, Marketing Manager Newby Teas UK Ltd says “The classic choice of tea to have with fish and chips is English Breakfast.

"The strong, malty flavours that hold their own against the strength of vinegar.

"However, to bring out the flavour of your fish, try accompanying it with a green tea and lemon blend. The citrus flavour not only complements the fish, but also acts as a palate cleanser, cutting through the grease of the dish. Green tea was also the first type of tea that reached British soil, as we only began to drink black tea later in history, so consider being adventurous when you toast the Queen!”

Annie Gray, Food Historian featured on Great British Bake Off and The One Show, “For the 1887 and 1897 Jubilees, we threw ourselves into celebratory teas with great gusto, and there you could argue that we combined the general tradition of celebration through food with a very English tradition of tea taking that still holds true to how parts of the country will be toasting HM Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.”

Katy Squire, Communications Manager, Yorkshire Tea says “There is no doubt that tea is our national drink, so as we prepare for a weekend of celebrations it comes as no surprise that we’re choosing to toast the Queen’s Jubilee with a proper brew - the perfect accompaniment to cucumber sandwiches and cupcakes at a street party, or a plate of good old fashioned fish and chips with the family.”

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