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Lent 2014: What are you giving up?

By m_tatum1988  |  Posted: March 06, 2014

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IT'S that time of year again. The time to resist your most tempting vices for 40 days, and 40 nights for Lent.

Hiding the cake, binning the fags and dusting-off the treadmill, there's a huge range of things residents will be giving up (or taking up) for the next few weeks.

So we asked members of the Essex Chronicle team which temptations they planned to avoid for 2014....

Paul Dent-Jones, Editor - For what is probably the nineteenth time in my life, I want to quit smoking. I’m 31 now, and don’t want to end up with some smoking-related illness.

It’s going to be really tough, I’ve tried everything over the years, patches, gum, and even hypnotism, but I think the only thing that will get me through is willpower.

Even if you’re not religious, Lent gives people a chance to look at their lives and decide what they can change to become a better person.

Christopher Dyer, Braintree & Witham reporter - I’m going to try giving up swearing, which will be very hard as it is something I do a lot and very frequently, it’s almost second nature now and I do it without even thinking about it.

I’ve never given anything up for Lent before as I don’t follow Christianity, but I suppose it only serves a purpose if choose something worthwhile to give up an persevere with it. It will only be as worthwhile as you make it.

Joe Sturdy, Chelmsford reporter - I will be giving up chocolate for Lent, as I have far too big a sweet tooth.

I think it will be difficult as the taste of the confection and sugar rush is too good to miss.

Lent, in my opinion, is a good thing – it allows us to do without a certain thing for 40 days and nights. It shows us what we can do if we put our minds to it, and how potentially much more money we could save if we just did without one thing – not just for six or so weeks, but for a whole year.

Megan Tatum, Chelmsford reporter - In the interests of my bank account I thought it wise to try and resist the temptations of Ebay auctions for Lent this year.

I love a bargain, and shopping with a glass of wine on my sofa suits me perfectly, so I'm sceptical as to how successful I'll be.

However regardless of your religious beliefs no harm can come from trying to be a bit more self-disciplined about the things that are bad for us so I'm a supporter of Lent.

Peter Walker, Chelmsford reporter - I’ll give up work.

It will be easy.

Previously I gave up alcohol and it was surprisingly successful. I remember having a pint on Easter Sunday and feeling tipsy. I had to have lie down.

Lent is a great idea. It’s a test of endurance and if you’re giving up something that is genuinely not very healthy for you, like smoking, it can lead to a more permanent abstinence.

So how about you? What will you attempt to do without this year?

Get in touch and let us know.

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